Saturday, 8 October 2011

Types of Animation

Types of Animation

2D Animation
Two dimensional (2D) animation software adds movement and action to static images. These programs use either vector drawn or bitmapped images as objects. The motion of animation is perceived by the viewer from a series of frames. For the motion to appear smooth a minimum of 15 frames persecond (fps) is generally required.

There are two types of 2D animation, path & cel

Cel animation is based on a series of frames or cels in which the object is redrawn in each consecutive cel to depict motion. Cel comes from the word celluloid (a transparent sheet material) which was first used to draw the images and place them on a stationary background.
Figure below shows a set of eight cels that can be used to create an animation of a magician with his magic rod. The magician is a multiple-cel actor. Playing the cels in sequence will create the illusion of  the magician jumping around.
Cel 1
Cel 2
Cel 3
Cel 4
Cel 5
Cel 6
Cel 7
Cel 8

2D - Cel Animation
Animation below shows a set of five cels that can be used to create an animation of a moving balls.

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